Today I observed a mad man perform. He had an unusual charisma about his gait; he didn’t move like your regular deranged human – no. There was coordination, had it not been for his androgynous looking top that seemed like it had a squall with the top of his belt and his over-sized ¾ jeans he could’ve passed as a traffic warden. He paraded the roundabout like a trained officer; hand gestures and all. However, in my ephemeral five minutes of standing there and watching this man, I realized he wasn’t exactly keen on directing the traffic when he shirked at the sight of a light skinned broad attempting to cross from the opposite side of the road where he stood.

He majestically walked across the road to escort this lady (whom I’m sure had no idea this man was mad). When he approached her he was the most comported I had seen him prior to this lady’s arrival to the outskirts of the market, he smiled at her like you would smile at a friend you haven’t seen in decades and the poor unsuspecting lady smiled back. As a gesture to offer help, the mad man stretch out his hand and the lady took the bait. After successfully aiding this woman cross the road to the other side, the lady was about to walk away then he yanked at her arm and smiled sheepishly at this woman as though there was an unspoken agreement that she would compensate him for his services, at the sight of this the market women who sold fish at the mouth of the adjourning street burst into laughter and said in Yoruba which translates to the mad man has finally found the one he likes.

On hearing this the woman’s eyes lit up and she screamed at the top of her voice, beckoning on the market thugs to help get the mad man off her. After having a good laugh themselves they eventually came down from the dilapidated wall they were seating on and carried the man away by all four limbs, he was furious and tried desperately to break free from their grip but it was no use. By the time they dropped him back at his post at the roundabout his bride had ran away and was no longer in sight. Devastated and in pain he sat at the roundabout with his face in his palm. His misery was nearly palpable even from the junction where I stood.

It doesn’t have to hurt!

Good day and welcome to this blog post. Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for a post, I commend your patience and resilience in checking for new content. I promise henceforth to post at least once a month.

Now to what I have for you, it’s an interesting topic and bone of contention I am willing to crack among us. Feel free to comment, I want this series to be as interactive as possible. Happy reading.

Recently, I had a post-inspiring conversation (or argument I should say). We had dabbled in various topics and then finally, we arrived at what I feel is the most discussed topic among youth of this generation, Relationship.

So the sister i was talking to feels that a relationship should be a mix of good days and bad days,  I agreed. But she lost me when she said “…a relationship cannot work without fights and misunderstandings” . It saddened me to be honest. Why would you think that a relationship has to be toxic for it to float?

It’s acceptable to say that these things are inevitable when you’re in a relationship because we’re human, because no two people from different backgrounds, with different orientations and beliefs about things can live perfectly together without misunderstandings. But that a relationship has to have fights for it work out? I strongly disagree!

So at this point some you might think “it was just a simple case of inability to express one’s self properly, you could’ve corrected her”. Mehn do I have gist for you! This aunty went further to say that “..a relationship would be boring without fights, it is the fights that would make the bond stronger”. I mean, how stereotypical can people get? Haven’t you seen couples that have long-lasting relationships and enjoy them (at least look like they do)? These kind of relationships are not fictional, neither are they so hard to find. In fact, it gave me an idea for another blog post that I would love to share with you guys soon but till then, enjoy this little charge i penned down and please comment your thoughts on the topic, have a great day!


Many times I wonder,

how dogged and addicted to pain we can be.

“if it doesn’t hurt it’s not right”

“it’s not a real relationship without fights”

Who told you such lies!

Look now how you trap yourself in toxic ties!

He used to open doors for you to walk through now he screams at you and bangs them in your face

He beats you and you both never agree

“oh well, it’s not forever and he serves good D”

what a sad mantra

Where is your friend that pat you on the back and told you to manage?

Probably happy with her man or maybe even planning their marriage

Tears journey down the parallel hills across your nose, you should’ve smelt the decay leaking from his poetry and prose

now you think to yourself “why is love so cruel” but alas you never knew love,

Why are you so dogged and addicted to pain?!

can’t you learn from your scars and thereafter refrain?

Why are you so dogged and addicted to pain?

flee this pool of deceit and never return again.